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Episode 21 - Mike Segalov, Annie Cohen & David Schneider


This week Ellie and Owen tackle the thorny issue of antisemitism in the Labour Party, with special guests journalist Mike Segalov, Annie Cohen of Jewdas and the actor, writer and director David Schneider.


Episode 20 - Gary Younge

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What's the deal with the far right? Should we accept the EU referendum result? And is Ellie pregnant with the child of a French politician? The latest Agitpod tackles these burning questions and more with special guest Gary Younge.


Episode 19 - Ash Sarkar

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Ellie and Owen are back! This episode features special guest Ash Sarkar, discussing her Question Time appearance, whether Jeremy Corbyn's a spy, and getting a bit philosophical.


Episode 18 - Christmas Special

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It's the Agitpod Christmas Special! Ellie and Owen look back at 2017 with special guests Rachel Shabi and Matt Zarb-Cousin. Plus, a Christmas present to our listeners - a Spotify playlist of the best political music around.
Download it here -


Episode 17 - Stewart Lee

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On the latest episode of Agitpod, Ellie and Owen chat with comedian Stewart Lee about comedy, politics, social media, and Stew's new show. New episodes fortnightly.


Episode 16 - Shon Faye


Owen Jones and Ellie Mae O'Hagan discuss the media war against trans rights and trans people with writer and activist Shon Faye. What are trans rights, why is there so much hostility - and can transphobia be defeated?


Episode 15 - State of the Nation


After a brief hiatus, Ellie and Owen are back to debate the issues of the day. Are the Tories finished? Why are they still polling so well? And what's with the Paradise Papers?


Episode 14 - Party Conferences


This week they talk about the recent party conferences and the need to not be complacent. Also, we've decided our chosen charity that you'll be helping to support if you donate towards Agitpod. The charity is LAWA which helps to support survivors of domestic violence, you can check out all the amazing stuff they're doing here. Please donate to Agitpod to keep it going. You can do it here


Episode 13 - Momentum


Agitpod gets back to basics for this episode, with Momentum organisers Emma and Joe. What is Momentum? How did it help in the general election? What will it be doing for Labour conference? Are you old if you're 32? We answer these questions and more. Please donate to Agitpod to keep it going. You can do it here


Episode 12 - Ed Miliband


What's going on with Brexit? Why is Rupert Murdoch such a terrible man? And what's the best Steps song? On the latest episode of Agitpod, Ellie and Owen meet Ed Miliband to answer some of the biggest questions facing the country. Please donate to Agitpod to keep it going. You can do it here


Episode 11 - Clive Lewis


Ellie and Owen welcome Labour MP Clive Lewis to Agitpod, where they talk about the general election, have a big old barney about Brexit, and talk about Trump's decision to send more troops to Afghanistan.


Episode 10 - Brexit, Centrism, Nuclear War


Agitpod is back! After a summer break, Owen and Ellie return to discuss Brexit, the problem with centrism, and nuclear armageddon.